Monday, June 1, 2009

Hey mothers! Life is just about to get easier!

Every mother needs time to play and nestle with her baby. Jolly Kids SERVICE EXPRESS is here to help you enjoy those special moments, while we do all the hard work.
We shop for all your baby needs, and provide special hours to help new mothers.

Amid all the stress of motherhood, there are loads of fun and laughter… call on us today.

We are your baby’s best friend!

Shopping is just a call away!
call: 07028089176, 08033286604

Office: 208 road, 'C' close, House 2, Festac Town,
Lagos, Nigeria


  1. Well done babes.
    I hope u'll patronize us @ Da Fun-Shop too o!
    Plenty nice stuff for kids even from birth plus!

  2. thanks babes. will be stopping by soon!