Friday, June 5, 2009

Spending quality time with your kids

Spending quality time with your child is very important to your child's development. The nurturing and caring needed during the child's growing years through puberty and all the way through early adulthood is very crucial in laying down the foundation for your child's future and well-being. Learning how to accomplish this will make it easier for both parents and children to spend and enjoy these quality times together.

Step 1
Make time to spend time with your child. No matter how busy your daily schedule is or how tired you maybe after a long day. Schedule a time that you can spend with your child uninterrupted. Whether reading a story just before bedtime for a toddler or simply talking and doing things both parents and child can enjoy, like a game of scrabble or chess. When you make time everyday, it becomes natural and less of a struggle. Make your time with your child a priority. The time you spend together will strengthen your bond as your child grows older.

Step 2
Turn off the interruptions. When you are spending time with your child you have to give your child your full attention. Turn off the television if it is on, unless your time together is about watching your child’s favourite show. Then show how interested you are with it too so that you both can enjoy this time together. Turn off your cell phones…ok that might be going over board! Lol!... but you can ignore calls for that minute or place it on vibrate.. There is nothing worse than an excitement of a child coming to greet you and showing how they did well in school and be interrupted by a phone call. Whatever it is it can wait for five minutes. If you miss the call and let it go through voice mail then return the call once your child is done speaking.

Step 3
Be sincere. When spending quality time with your child, listen intently and be sincere. A child knows too well when you are not paying attention to what he or she has to say. Do not make promises you cannot keep. Set realistic expectations so that your child will not feel hurt. This is a practice all parents must take to heart, especially the divorced ones where visitations may be limited or restricted.

Step 4
Think of fun activities you can do together. Quality time together does not only mean having a conversation with your child. It can include certain activities that you and your child can enjoy together for a period in a day, like baking goodies together or shooting hoops in your backyard.

Step 5
Keep the schedule routinely but be open to changes. Make your child equally accountable in keeping that schedule for your quality time together. Your child should understand the importance of having that time together regularly so neither of you would lose touch with each other. As your child grows older and starts to have friends, be open and be flexible if you need to adjust the times based on your child’s new schedule. Do not bind them too tight or too strictly with your schedule, instead work something out so that your child can still have a normal social life and still be part of yours. A compromise can go a long way in this case.

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